Individual Therapy

People decide to seek counselling for a variety of reasons including feelings of depression and anxiety, career or relationship issues, bereavement as well as many other reasons.

Counselling can help you deal with difficult life events such as unemployment, loss, relationship difficulties and abuse. It can help improve medical conditions such as depression, anxiety or an eating disorder and it can also help improve physical problems such as troubled sleep, high blood pressure or panic attacks.

Counselling may also help alleviate stress-related problems such as ulcers, heart conditions and migraines. Counselling or ‘talking therapy’ can help improve the quality of people’s lives by providing a confidential space to explore areas of difficulty and focus on changes you would like to make.

Sometimes we find it difficult to cope with what’s going on in our lives. While most of the time we’re able to manage, sometimes the challenges can outstrip our resources and we can feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed or angry.

On top of this, our lives are often so relentlessly busy that it’s difficult to find the time to think clearly or to invest in our own wellbeing. Friends and family might do their best to help but may have their own problems and agendas.

It’s at times like this that talking to a professional can help. I can help you to improve the quality of your life by providing a confidential space to explore areas of difficulty and focus on changes you would like to make.

Our counselling sessions can enable you to develop a clearer understanding of your concerns and develop new skills and tools to better manage personal and emotional issues, which can improve your emotional and physical health.

By offering you a different perspective, counselling can help you find creative solutions to your difficulties.

Your counselling sessions will normally be weekly and typically last from six sessions to one year or more depending on the issues you are bringing.

Short-term counselling is useful if you’d like to focus on a particular issue or are experiencing a recent and readily identifiable problem. Longer-term therapy may suit you better if you would like to make changes at a deeper level.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how many sessions you’ll need right now. We can talk this through at the outset and work out the best way forward.